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Our formula marries exotic ingredients and the power of the infamous rice protien Kohic acid to hydrate + moisturize + rejuvenate your skin.

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A refreshing blend of arnica, rosemary, mint and lavender; antimocrobial + hydration + conditiong. A melody of White Musk and Lavender with a speck of Ylang Ylang.

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Hydrating Skin Food - Body Butter

Our transcendent approach at creating the most grounded and atuned moisturizer that meets the needs of all seasons and skin types.

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Gift Cards for Skin Care Lovers

Send a gift card to someone you love. Whether Affirm Ritual is their favorite House of Self Care or they are trying for the first time, we have something for everyone. With sensitive skin in mind you can never go wrong with letting them curate their own experience.

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The Story

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LOVE this super gentle formula! Excited to find a natural deodorant that smells so refreshing!


My sunburned skin is SO grateful for this serum right now. Beautifully hydrating with the perfect balance of oils so it leaves my skin feeling moisturized without feeling greasy.


This serum is amazing for dry skin and smells heavenly! Plus, the shipping was lightning fast!


The smell of this bath tea is AMAZING! 😍


LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion. Smells amazing and my skin absolutely loves it. Sometimes lotions will give me breakouts on my shoulders and back, but this beautifully made lotion has my skin feeling smoother than ever!


Revive Bar - my husband stole this one from me! thats how much he loved it! he said it made him feel clean and smell great!


I want to tell you personally, thank you for that wonderful product
for my skin that your daughter with her heavenly hands has produced.
I want you to tell your daughter, that from the bottom of my heart, I
consider this produce 'God's gift from her to me and my skin' and I
receive it graciously.


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Why Affirm Ritual?

Affirm is about taking back your power in doing and creating all things that are good for you. Its your ritual, your way.