Stand With Us on The Journey To Wholeness

This post has been a long time coming. Every time I stop to think about what to say, my brain recalls more items on the to do list to be done. In the corporate world we call that job security. Today we are gonna set aside the to do list for a self-care technique most of us would refer to as rest.


If you grew up in church like me, we went to church Sunday morning and came home to be with family. There wasn’t a whole lot of hanging out with friends or starting away from home - your focus was to sit down and be quiet; watch a movie; eat a really good dinner. 


If you’re also like me, at 18 church became less interesting. More sleep was needed because school was hard, three jobs was harder; so you spent your Saturday nights “releasing” next to vibrating 808s and really cheap alcohol. This continues for sometime until you realize that your body needs care. Special attention to stay vital, healthy and alert. 

This is the journey into Affirm Ritual. Wellness for so long was something you talked about at the doctors office or the wellness studio. It’s greater than that and spans across the spectrum of taking action to improve or preserve your wellbeing. Here - should you continue to stay and I hope you do - you will find the motivation to destress through self-care. 

The skin is our largest organ, it absorbs energies through the environment, people, what we eat and especially what we use to nourish it. Affirm was born to help us all establish and maintain a ritual that meets some of our basic needs. Our ingredients 
Are of nature. No unnatural preservatives, no baking soda and no toxic additives. It’s also important to note that people with sensitive skin, asthma or allergies are commonly allergic to tree nuts - you will not find tree nuts within this home. But you will find love in every product.

Thanks for holding us down and holding us up. My family and I extend our warmest gratitude.